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Top 5 – Things to Spend Money on for Yourself and NOT Feel Guilty

Everyone deserves a nice thing or five…even YOU! Anytime I buy something what a “nice” price tag I think about it in terms of price per wear. For instance, if you spend $400 on a purse but you use it every day for 3 months that is less each day than your Starbucks run! Get out your wallet, it’s time to treat yourself.


That’s right, good quality denim! Now, I’m not saying every pair of jeans you buy needs to cost over $100 but you should own at least one, if not two, that cost a pretty penny. My preference for jeans is Lucky Brand. They run about $89-$129 a pair depending on the style BUT seem to be on sale regularly and with the outlet in Pooler I can always find them for less.

A Nice Handbag

It’s time…buy yourself a nice purse!! It’s worth it, you deserve it, you use it everyday. People notice it, whether you think they do or not. If you take care of it, it’s worth the investment. I saved up last year and bought myself this Frye bag and I might be pulling Paw Patrol undies and Pampers out of it but I look and feel good doing it! Spend some time looking for what you like and don’t spend $400 on something trendy…go classic. Every time someone says, “I love your purse!” you’ll be glad you did.


On that American Express commercial Tina Fey reminds us that we “spend over half our lives and eat all our meals” in bed. Now I don’t know about the meals part, although I did spend a lot of time in college dining on my bed, but I looked it up and according to reference.com “on average, human beings spend 33% of their lives sleeping”. With this in mind, it makes sense to spend some money on nice sheets. When you shop for them open the packaging and touch them. Check Belk and Macy’s for good deals, earlier this year I found a set of 925 thread count on sale for $40! I don’t have the answer on what the perfect thread count or fabric is and PLEASE don’t go buy $250 sheets from that store with the coupon but buy some nice sheets with a thread count higher than 700. Your body will appreciate it!

“Go-To” Dress

I’m not a dressy person but I 1000% believe in having a “go-to” dress or two even. My favorite “go-to” dress is the Lilly Pulitzer Sophie, I have it in several prints, a solid black, and a solid navy. When I bought the black dress I cringed at spending $138 on a boring solid black cotton dress but I needed a black dress and I knew that style of dress fit me well. A few months later I decided to get the navy for an event where the black felt too formal. Both of these dresses are “go-to” because I can dress them up or down with accessories and/or shoes. They fit me well and look good on me through multiple weight brackets. I mean…I wore my navy dress to multiple events through my 2nd pregnancy including maternity photos, to an event a week after having my 2nd baby, plenty of times before finding out I was pregnant, and now that I’m working on getting back where I want to be. Both dresses are a staple in my wardrobe, I wear them way more than I ever imagined I would.


Marilyn Monroe is quoted to have said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” I agree, except I think she probably meant boots. LOL! Anyone who knows me well knows I wear flip flops mostly. We are in Savannah and it’s often too hot to wear shoes, but if I’m going to wear something other than flip flops, I go for boots. A good quality pair of boots can last forever if you take good care of them and if you take ok care of them they can last almost forever. The oldest pair of boots in this picture are 10 years old (the dark brown ones) and they look a little weathered BUT I wore them daily for at least 3 years while riding and working on a horse farm during college. They are my go-to boot, so much so that last Christmas I asked Santa for a black pair. My basic collection stays the same, tall black and brown, short dressy black and brown, everyday black and brown, and of course, I own a pair of cowboy boots. I just couldn’t find them the day I did these photos because they were in a bag of stuff I cleaned out of my car.

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