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Savannah Family Photographer | Tips for Choosing Outfits for Family Sessions

What to wear for your family session

You’ve booked your family a photo session and you want to make sure you and your family look their best for the shoot. Then you look through your closet and realize you have NOTHING to wear!! What do you do?

First, don’t panic. You probably do have something you can wear but if you don’t it’s not hard to find the pieces you need to make your family look great. Before you hit the mall or the online scrolling take a few things into consideration!

Be Comfortable!

Big disclaimer!! Being comfortable doesn’t mean be sloppy, it’s more about not wearing clothing that physically makes you uncomfortable. I know from a personal point of view when I can’t breathe in my jeans I’m not spending time enjoying myself and I’m constantly worried about what’s showing so I wouldn’t wear those AMAZING white jeans I own to a photoshoot, right now…

You want to be your best self during your session and let’s be honest, you might already be stressed about how your kids will behave so don’t add being uncomfortable in your clothes to the mix. 

This also applies to the other people in your session. There are ways to dress the family up without making everyone uncomfortable and ALWAYS remember, you want YOU to shine in your photos, not the clothes you are wearing!

Families in Tidewater Square on Skidaway Island

Coordinate, Don’t match 

So another disclaimer here LOL, there are times (ahem, Christmas pjs) where matching works but think about some of the photos from decades ago that you see and make fun of. How many of them are because of matching sweaters, because everyone is in the exact same shirt/pants look, or because there are too many of the same articles of clothing? A good many. 

When you pick clothing for your family session you want the images to be timeless and a great way to go about having that happen is to coordinate, not match.

One of my favorite ways to coordinate is to look up color palettes on Pinterest and build my family outfits based on one I like. I also like to start with a special article of clothing for one of my family members and build a plan based off of it. I talk more about specific ways I choose outfits for my family sessions in my How I choose Family Session Outfits blog

Think about the color tone of your clothing

I love a good bold bright neon color just as much as the next person but for your family photo investment to be worth every penny try to stick with more muted neutral tones. Bright colors are great but often bounce back on your skin and don’t make the most flattering images. 

dad and two kids sitting in park with blanket

A few things to watch out for…

A guide like this wouldn’t be complete without a list of a few specific things to watch out for…

  • too many patterns or prints
  • graphics/characters/words on shirts
  • check your shoes, make sure they match
  • too many accessories
  • items/clothing that are overly trendy
  • if it needs to be ironed, iron it
  • being uncomfortable (I really can’t say this enough)

At the end of the day the session is your session and you can wear what you want! These tips are to help make your decisions pay off long term. When you look back on these memories years later, WHY did we wear that, isn’t what you want your first thought to be!

family at Forsyth Park in front of fountain

Book a Savannah Family Photoshoot

I would love to send you information and help you make memories to look back on! If you have any questions about outfits or clothing choices feel free to email me! I would love to help. 

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