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Savannah Family Photographer | One Green Dress

Family photos! Doesn’t everyone love getting the family dressed up and having those wonderful photos taken? I enjoy getting all the outfits together, deciding where to shoot, and doing my DIY family photos but buying brand new outfits every season or year just doesn’t always work out. I’m going to show you how I’ve used the same dress for the last 3 years to create a slightly different Christmas look for family photos. 

The dress, nothing fancy, a simple green Old Navy sweater dress.

2018 | Formal Christmas 

family christmas photo in front of tree

The reason I purchased the dress the first year was because I was about 5 months pregnant with Ada and I didn’t want to have to buy a maternity dress that I would likely never wear again. This dress was perfect since the fit is loose and the material is forgiving. I paired it with a holiday colored plaid scarf and called it a day. I want to say I didn’t even bother with shoes since I knew we were using the chair and my feet wouldn’t bee seen. 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

2019 | Casual Christmas 

family sitting for Christmas photoFor 2019 I wore the dress plain without a scarf. Not a mind blowing change but that small difference paired with the different lighting because we moved outdoors makes the dress look different enough to pull it off and wear it again.

2020 | Christmas Tree Farm

family photo at a Christmas tree farmThe decision to wear the dress again came from the desire to write this blog. I didn’t want to use it as a dress though and thought it would do ok tied up in the back with a pair of jeans. It looked fine but needed the vest to cover the fact that the tail of a dress was tucked into the back of my pants.

Bonus Look! | Fall Family Photos

family taking fall photos on hay balesThe dress paired here with a different scarf works without looking like I only wear this green dress for photos here because of the fall theme.

If you’re counting that’s 4 different family photos with the same dress! I wonder how many more years I can get away with this… Do you have a piece of clothing you’ve worn multiple times but changed the look of in some way? Share how you do this with your wardrobe below!





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