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Milk Bath FAQ

Whether you’re celebrating a baby milestone, the end of your breastfeeding journey or just want some BEAUTIFUL photos of your little one a baby milk bath is a great choice. These photoshoots are custom designed based on your flower and/or fruit preference and are best for babies who are able to sit unassisted on their own up to 24 months.

What fruit/flowers can I choose for the session?

Grapefruit, lemons, limes, oranges, apples, strawberries, peaches, roses, hydrangea, daises, mixed assortment bouquets, seasonal flowers, herbs, and many more float well and look beautiful!

What if the fruit/flowers I choose aren’t available?

I’ll do the best to find exactly what we discuss and have several stores I shop to find what we need. If I cannot find what we discuss expect a call from me to find a compromise. I will let you know prior to the day what time I plan to shop so you will know to be listening out for a call.

What happens if my baby has an accident?

Don’t worry about it!! We can change tubs or we can take a short break while I was the tub and reset.

What if my child won’t stop crying?

Typically every little one cries a some but will settle in if given a few minutes. We will sing songs, can put videos on phones, give small (neat) snacks, etc. On the off chance your little one doesn’t settle we will cut the session short.

What can I do to ensure the session goes well?

There are several things you can do but the number one thing is to relax. It’s never going as bad as a parent feels it is going and I’ve probably seen worse so just relax and don’t stress. With that said, here are some additional tips

  • make sure your baby can SIT UNASSISTED in a tub of water comfortably for 15-20 minutes.
  • make sure your little one is FED AND HAS NAPPED. A tired/hungry baby doesn’t care how cute they look in a tub of milk and flowers
  • bring some snacks, videos, songs, small toys, etc. that get your child smiling. You know your baby, bring what works.
  • LEAVE A NEGATIVE NANCY AT HOME! If you bring a friend or family member who thinks this is a dumb idea along your little one may feed off their negative energy.
  • HAVE FUN!! The more fun we have during the shoot the better the smiles!

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