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Checking in with The Giorgiannis – October 2020


Chris got right back to work after our Yellowstone trip. He stays busy but still isn’t traveling (he could be allowed on an overnight soon, if anyone from work is reading 😂😝). He’s working on finding time to improve on his golf game but the kids and I keep him busy so finding the time is something we are working on adding to our weekends.


After our family trip to Montana and back I settled back in at home and got the kids ready to start school!! We spent a weekend at the lake in August celebrating my mom’s birthday and one of my favorite people moved back to Savannah mid month so we’ve been spending a lot of time catching up!! September brought a trip to the mountains for Labor Day and the start of holiday family photos, it’s never too early! At the end of September I turned 30 something and had a nice quiet birthday weekend.


Christopher started Pre-K!!! Does it get more exciting than that?? LOL. He also got a brand new (new to him) pair of red skis when we went to the lake in August which he has made good progress with. It won’t be long before he is skiing better than me. He’s also learned to ride his bike without training wheels. We go out almost every afternoon so he can show me his “new trick”.


And Ada 😊. Ada is walking at max speeds of 100 mph these days, she’s hard to keep up with! She also started school, two days a week, and really seems to enjoy it. She loves her shoes and rarely has a moment where she isn’t wearing any. When we ask her if she’s ready for be she runs from us and tries to hide. 😂😂

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